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Aluminum alloy cable aging furnace is mainly used for aging treatment of aluminum alloy (high strength, medium strength and heat resistant aluminum alloy) single wire and aging annealing treatment of aluminum alloy stranded wire. The aging annealing furnace for aluminum alloy cable has the advantages of good temperature uniformity, low heat loss, good thermal insulation performance, high energy saving efficiency, and low operating cost. It is the best choice for aluminum alloy cable manufacturers.
Technical parameters of aluminum alloy cable aging furnace:
1.1 Rated power: 425KW; 1.2 Rated voltage: 380V 3 phases 50Hz; 1.3 Rated temperature: 450 ℃; 1.3.1 Aging temperature: 150 ~ 230 ℃; 1.3.2 Annealing temperature: 320 ~ 450 ℃;
1.4 Number of temperature control zones: 5 zones; 1.5 Temperature control method: PID thyristor control, Japan Island Power FP93 series intelligent program instrument temperature control + Siemens S7-200PLC, PC computer and sound and light alarm;
1.6 Effective working area size: 7200 × 2300 × 1800mm (length × width × height); 1.7 Empty furnace heating time: ≤1.5h; 1.8 Temperature control accuracy: ± 1 ℃; 1.9 Furnace temperature uniformity: ± 5 ℃ (effective working Zone);
1.10 Temperature of the outer wall of the furnace shell: ≤ room temperature + 25 ° C; 1.11 Dimensions of the material rack (length × width × height): 1750 × 2300 × 800mm (8 per furnace, user-made); 1.12 Furnace door lifting motor: 4.5KW;
1.13 Thermal cycle fan: Quantity: 5 units; Power: 11KW; Air volume: 17000 ~ 23000m3 / h; Wind pressure: 1900 ~ 1400Pa; Speed: 1460r / min
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