Aluminum Alloy Quenching Heat Treatment Furnace

Product Description

The aluminum alloy quenching furnace is composed of a heating furnace cover and a mobile chassis. A square (or round) furnace cover is equipped with a crane, and the basket can be hoisted to the furnace through a chain and a hook. The furnace cover is supported by section steel, and the bottom has a pneumatic (or electric) operated furnace door. The bottom frame located under the furnace hood can be moved and positioned along the track, and the bottom frame carries a quenching water tank and a basket.
Features of aluminum alloy quenching furnace:
(1) Temperature uniformity: To achieve the temperature uniformity required by the user, it is based on the associated design of the circulating fan, air hood plate, furnace structure, electric heating power distribution, electric heating element layout, control method and process, and furnace door structure. Guarantee.
(2) Advanced mechanical system: The advanced nature of the system is guaranteed by design, component selection and quality, and manufacturing quality. The mechanical system runs smoothly and reliably, and the equipment is in a low noise and low vibration working state.
(3) Perfect control system: reflected in 100 ~ 650 ℃, which can realize precise temperature control, stable and reliable system, easy operation, avoiding human misoperation, and complete functions.
(4) The quenching transfer time is fast and adjustable: the furnace bottom-opening furnace door, double-speed lifting mechanism and advanced mechanical system make the quenching transfer fast and reliable, and the time can be adjusted according to the user's process requirements.
Brief introduction of the structure of aluminum alloy quenching furnace:
       Aluminum alloy quenching furnace is composed of furnace body, furnace body steel support, detachable furnace roof, furnace lining, electric heating elements, circulating fan, air deflector, furnace bottom open type furnace door, two-speed lifting mechanism, material rack, quenching tank , Material carrier, control system and distribution cabinet / control cabinet, hydraulic system, etc.
       The furnace shell frame is welded with profiled steel, the inner wall is made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti heat-resistant steel plate, the inner lining is made of high-quality all-fiber structure, and the inner surface of the furnace shell is pasted with a layer of rubber asbestos board to provide heat insulation and protect the surface of the furnace shell from corrosion.
       The heating element is made of 0Cr25AL5 alloy wire wound into a strip shape. It is sheathed on an insulating porcelain tube and fixed to the furnace shell by stainless round steel. This structure resistance band is suspended around the furnace chamber, which is conducive to heat dissipation and circulation.
       The hot air circulation device consists of a fan device and a wind deflector. The fan device is placed on the top of the furnace body. The fan is made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti heat-resistant steel into a centrifugal air blade.

       The air deflector is made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti heat-resistant steel. It is fixed on the inner wall of the furnace through several shelf bars. The resistance band is wrapped inside. The heat emitted by the resistance band is thermally circulated through the hot air circulation system to make the temperature in the furnace uniform. The ventilation device is made according to the volume of the furnace to ensure that the number of hot air cycles is more than 40 times / minute.

 Aluminum Alloy Quenching Heat Treatment Furnace

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