Aluminum Alloy Rapid Centralized Melting Furnace

Product Description

Features of aluminum alloy rapid centralized melting furnace:

1. Aluminum alloy rapid centralized melting furnace adopts dissolving aluminum, integrating heat preservation and liquid extraction. The furnace body has reasonable design, solid structure, easy cleaning and no dead angle. It is suitable for continuous die-casting industry, and it is the current product that aluminum alloy replaces import.

2. It is an important technical achievement to use a non-tong pan type melting tank in the aluminum melting furnace. This can reduce the cost of the tongs and eliminate the worry of iron increase. The molten pool is formed with corundum bricks and special casting materials, which effectively prevents the penetration of aluminum liquid, enhances the service life of the molten pool, and reduces maintenance costs and maintenance time.

3. The metal burning rate is lower than 1.5%.

4. Melting capacity is 500-1500KG / h.

5. Aluminum alloy rapid centralized melting furnace is suitable for various fuels such as natural gas, liquefied gas, city gas, diesel, and heavy oil.

Induction Melting Furnace for Melting Steel /Iron /Aluminum/Copper

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