Aluminum Profile Aging Furnace

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The aluminum profile aging furnace includes a time-effect furnace body and a gas direct heating device. The gas direct heating device includes a combustion control valve group, a combustion air blower and a pipe, and a gas burner. The characteristics are as follows: The connected combustion chamber and radiator are in communication with the hearth of the aging furnace. The utility model has a simple structure. After the gas is completely combusted in the combustion chamber and the heat dissipation tube in the furnace, the high-temperature combustion products are converged into the circulating gas flow in the furnace at a low temperature (about 200 ° C) to quickly mix uniformly to ensure safety and reliability and achieve safe production. the goal of.

1. Heating method: fuel oil, gas, coal

2. Working temperature: about 200 degrees (the difference between plus and minus 5 degrees)

3. Two-way two-speed thermal cycle, temperature difference is less than or equal to 5 degrees

4. Single or double door design

5. Features: suitable for extra long profiles

Aging furnace consists of four parts: furnace body, material cart, hot air system, electrical control

    The furnace body is surrounded by steel to form a large space, and the furnace is closed by the front door and the rear wall, forming a space for heat exchange between hot air and aluminum profiles. The outside is made of A3 steel plate, which is welded successively and reinforced with section steel, which has sufficient strength and good air tightness. Then use our factory's unique color paint, beautiful and practical. The inner panel is made of A3 steel plate, in order to adapt to the thermal change of the steel plate from room temperature to 250 ° C.
    The furnace door adopts the guide rail design, and the furnace door is closed by the furnace door's own weight to ensure that the hot air does not leak out during heating. The opening and closing of the furnace door is driven by a cycloid reducer, supplemented by a counterweight, and the self-locking of the electromagnetic brake motor is used to prevent the furnace door from falling down and ensure safe operation.
    The material car is welded by section steel. The furnace is heated by the material car entering the furnace. The tow chain for the material car is driven by the cycloid pin gear reducer and sprocket. The material car travels along the track, which is stable and reliable. The rail and the material frame inside the material cart are manufactured and installed by the buyer.
    The furnace uses a gas burner for heating, and the heated air is sent to the air outlet on the feed car by a double-suction circulating fan, and is sprayed to the product to be heated through the air outlet. The flue gas is discharged through the chimney to maintain normal combustion. The temperature in the furnace is measured by the thermocouples reasonably distributed before and after the furnace side, and the size of the firepower is controlled.

    According to the requirements of customers, we design various aging furnaces that meet the heat treatment process according to the length and specifications of extruded aluminum profiles.

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