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Aluminum aging furnace is used for aging treatment of aluminum alloy profiles to promote strength and aging heat treatment of aluminum alloy castings after solution treatment. The purpose is to reduce the stress concentration of aluminum alloy materials and reduce the deformation of aluminum alloy materials.
       The aluminum profile aging furnace is mainly composed of a heat preservation furnace body, a furnace door device, a heating system, a hot air circulation system, a trolley device and an electrical control system.
       The heat preservation furnace body is a full-metal box structure made of two layers of steel plates welded inside and outside, and it is evenly filled with acid-resistant refractory fiber cotton to keep the temperature of the furnace wall low.
       The furnace door device adopts manual push-pull open-type furnace door or pneumatic lifting furnace door. The furnace door is compressed by manual spinning or pneumatic linkage type four-point balance pressing mechanism.
       The heating system can be suitable to use diesel, LNG / natural gas, LPG / liquefied gas as fuel heating or resistance heating. In order to ensure the uniformity of the furnace temperature, there is an axial or centrifugal hot air circulation fan with a large air volume on the top or side of the furnace, and the furnace hot air circulation diversion system is reasonably configured to make the airflow in the furnace uniform and the temperature difference in the furnace small (± 5 ℃), which guarantees the heating speed and heating quality.
       The loading and unloading trolley device adopts a profiled steel frame welding structure. The trolley traction mechanism can adopt self-propelled, chain-type or blunt-wheel traction.
       Temperature control system adopts PID zero-crossing triggering thyristor and intelligent meter to control temperature. Also equipped with a multi-point paperless recorder to record temperature and over-temperature alarm dual control to ensure that the workpiece does not over-temperature.

       The mechanical transmission part adopts interlocking control, that is, the fan device and the heating power are automatically cut off after the furnace door is opened. After the furnace door is closed in place, the power of the fan device and heating element can be switched on to prevent malfunction and accidents due to misoperation.

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