Atmospheric Protection Box-Type Tempering Furnaces

Product Description

Atmospheric protection box-type tempering furnaces can be used at high temperatures ranging from 600 to 1200 ° C. They can be used in nitrogen, hydrogen or argon atmospheres, and can be used for heat treatment of metal parts or sintering of hard materials at high temperatures.
Characteristics of atmosphere protection box type tempering furnace:
1. The special structure makes the surface of the heated steel parts not decarburized, oxidized, and bright and clean after quenching;
2. Power saving, time saving and easy to use;
3. The electric furnace is well sealed and safe without danger.

         The atmosphere protection box type tempering furnace shell is welded and manufactured by national standard steel plate and section steel. The furnace lining is made of ultra-lightweight high-aluminum energy-saving thermal insulation brick, combined with aluminum silicate fiber cotton composite furnace lining for insulation. The electric heating elements of the box tempering furnace are designed for long life, high temperature resistance and made of 0Cr25Al5. The furnace door is raised and lowered electrically or hydraulically. The small box type tempering furnace can also use the manual furnace door. When the furnace door is opened, there is a disconnection protection device to stop the power supply and heating. The microcomputer temperature control system is used to control the tempering process with high precision, and the entire process of tempering heat treatment from the furnace to the furnace is completed automatically.

Box Type Tempering Furnace

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