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Atmospheric sintering furnace is a heat treatment furnace in which objects are sintered in a furnace with a certain amount of gas. Selecting a suitable atmosphere for sintering different materials can help the sintering process, improve the degree of product densification, and obtain products with good performance. Vacuum atmosphere furnaces commonly use various atmospheres such as vacuum, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and inert gases (such as argon). For example, transparent alumina ceramics can be sintered in a hydrogen atmosphere, transparent ferroelectric ceramics can be sintered in an oxygen atmosphere, and nitride ceramics such as aluminum nitride can be sintered in a nitrogen atmosphere. Sometimes it is necessary to operate in a protective atmosphere in order to protect the sintering. Such as molybdenum wire furnace should pass hydrogen, tungsten wire furnace should work under vacuum conditions.
       Vacuum atmosphere sintering furnace is widely used in the production and experiment of ceramics, metallurgy, electronics, glass, chemical industry, machinery, refractories, new material development, special materials, building materials and other fields.
Characteristics of atmosphere sintering furnace:
1. Novel appearance, exquisite lathe processing, high-temperature plastic spraying of the shell
2. All furnace materials are made of imported Morgan (the energy saving effect is more than 60% of the old-style electric furnace)
3. Accuracy (temperature control accuracy: ± 1 ℃ constant temperature (uniform) accuracy: ± 5 ℃;)
4. Thermal insulation performance (less than 30% of the total power during thermal insulation)
5. Microcomputer control, programmable, 50-segment heating curve, automatic heating / cooling
6. Working environment (anti-interference, case temperature ≤ 30 ° C at 1400 ° C greatly improves the working environment)
7, heating elements distributed on both sides of the furnace
8. Can add a variety of gases and vacuum, furnace top and door water cooling
9. Normal use temperature of electric furnace: 0-1700 ℃
10. Heating (0-1400 ℃: 35 minutes to arrive; the fastest heating rate is 40 degrees / min, the heating rate is different for different temperatures)

11.Vacuum degree

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