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Vacuum nitriding furnace is a periodic operation furnace. It is mainly used for nitriding, multi-component infiltration, low-temperature austenitic nitrocarburization, oxygen-nitriding, and steam oxidation treatment of steel parts, tools, and measuring tools. , Low vacuum tempering (or aging) and other surface strengthening treatment.
Structure of vacuum nitriding furnace:
       The large vacuum nitriding furnace can reach a depth of 15 meters and a diameter of 5 meters. The shell of the large-scale vacuum nitriding furnace is welded by steel plates and sections. It has multiple layers and multiple support methods. The furnace body has high strength to support ultra-large and heavy-duty workpieces.
       The furnace lining is made of ultra-lightweight, high-strength 0.6g / cm3 energy-saving refractory micro-bead bricks. The outer layer of the furnace lining is sandwiched with high-purity ceramic fibers and filled with expanded thermal insulation powder. The heating element is wound by a high-temperature resistance wire in a spiral shape, and is installed on a shelf brick of the furnace lining. A stainless steel vacuum tank is installed in the furnace. Nitriding furnace mouth adopts energy-saving furnace lining double water-cooled furnace lid, vacuum rubber seal. A double-head stainless steel dripper is installed on the furnace cover for dripping methanol, which is easy to operate and has high safety. The furnace cover is equipped with a sampling pipe, an exhaust pipe, and an input pipe at the upper part of the side wall of the furnace tank for ammonia gas input. The furnace tank and the furnace cover are sealed with water-cooled vacuum rubber and equipped with a compression screw. The exhaust gas in the nitriding furnace is discharged out of the furnace through an exhaust pipe.
       The large vacuum nitriding furnace in our factory adopts multi-zone temperature control. The large-scale nitriding furnace has a great improvement in heat retention, furnace temperature uniformity, sealing, and nitriding speed from the depth direction or the diameter direction, and the temperature and atmosphere in the nitriding furnace are uniform.
Features of vacuum nitriding furnace:
1.Using various pulse processes of positive pressure, negative pressure, positive and negative pressure, the furnace pressure can be regulated at a fixed time and the quality of the infiltration layer is high. The parts of the plywood can obtain a uniform layer on the inner and outer walls, which is a scientific research result with high practical value.
2. Compared with the conventional nitriding layer, the quality of the layer is higher, the speed is faster, the cycle is shorter, and the raw material is 30 to 50%.
3. Equipped with intelligent temperature control instrument and PLD adjustable control system to more accurately control the furnace temperature and process parameters.
4. Equipped with vacuum ventilation, positive and negative pressure automatic control system, exhaust gas treatment through water, no environmental pollution.

5. It retains all the functions of the original positive pressure nitriding furnace and is an upgraded product of the positive pressure nitriding furnace.

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