Box Type Annealing Furnace

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The box annealing furnace is a national standard ultra-energy-saving periodic operation box furnace. It has an ultra-energy-saving structure and uses a fiber structure to save 60% of electricity. Exclusive production adopts composite high-alumina porcelain nail set and automatically seals the furnace door. It is mainly used for annealing and heat treatment of steel parts, various metal parts, and auto parts. A stainless steel nitrogen inlet pipe and valve are installed on the furnace side to adjust the intake air volume, which can protect the atmosphere and reduce the oxidation of the workpiece. The box-type annealing furnace uses a high-purity, high-aluminum energy-saving brick composite furnace lining, high-temperature and high-resistance alloy heating elements are installed on the side walls and the bottom of the furnace, and a microcomputer program is used to automatically control the temperature of the cabinet to execute the annealing process curve with high accuracy.

Box Type Annealing Furnace

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