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The box-type forging furnace adopts all-fiber furnace lining, fully sealed furnace body, automatic control of each medium pressure, automatic control of furnace pressure, and high-temperature and high-speed automatic control burner. Computer + intelligent temperature control instrument + manual control three-level temperature control mode, low energy consumption, high stability.

        Box-type forging furnace Use: Forging heat treatment Working temperature: 1300 ° C, temperature control accuracy: ± 1 ° C Furnace capacity: 5t-200t Burner model and control method: SIO high-temperature high-speed burner, air-fuel automatic proportional combustion, two-stage Pulse control, gas automatic ignition, flameout alarm The forging heating furnace door adopts lifting type, the cylinder of the forging heating furnace with four-point pressing of the furnace adopts double-layer balance frame wheel pair structure, heat-resistant cast iron guard plate, cogwheel-rack The furnace body of the self-propelled forging heating furnace is a light steel frame structure, the furnace lining at the bottom of the furnace wall is a high-temperature castable, and the furnace wall and the furnace roof are a fiber furnace lining. The side seal is a cylinder driven lifting soft seal. Temperature control method: upper industrial computer distributed control / intelligent temperature control instrument + PLC control / manual control technical parameters

Box-Type Forging Furnace

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