Box-Type Gas Carburizing Furnace

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Box-type gas carburizing furnace (multipurpose furnace) is an energy-saving continuous operation carburizing furnace produced by the introduction of technology. It is mainly used for carburizing of automotive parts and various mechanical parts and automatic quenching in the furnace. Melt treatment and other heat treatment processes. The size of the charging basket is 900 × 600 × 450mm, the charging weight is 350㎏, the power of the carburizing furnace is 75KW, the power of the quenching oil tank is 30KW, and the rated temperature is 950 ° C. Microcomputer program temperature control system with high-precision automatic control.

        Box-type gas carburizing furnace is a new type of energy-saving cycle operation type heat treatment electric furnace, which is mainly used for gas carburizing of steel parts. Due to the use of ultra-lightweight energy-saving furnace lining materials (ceramic fibers) and advanced integrated water-cooled furnaces with sealed fans, this series of carburizing furnaces have uniform furnace temperature, rapid heating, and good heat preservation. The layer is uniform, and there is no leakage when the furnace pressure is increased, which improves the production efficiency and carburizing quality.


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