Box Type Normalizing Furnace

Product Description

Box type normalizing furnace is mainly used for conventional heat treatment such as quenching, normalizing and annealing of steel workpieces.
Brief introduction of the structure of the box type normal stove:
The double-chamber structure, the heating chamber is a muffle-free structure, is made of high-grade refractory bricks, and the furnace door adopts an independently designed cylinder compression type sealing structure, which has good sealing performance and no leakage in the atmosphere.
The electric heating method is adopted, the radiant tubes are evenly distributed on both sides and bottom of the furnace, and the furnace top is equipped with a heat-resistant steel stirring fan to ensure the furnace temperature uniformity.
During the heating process, a protective atmosphere is introduced, and the workpiece is not oxidized.
Automatic and manual feeding and discharging methods (optional).

The cooling chamber is equipped with a large-flow adjustable speed cooling fan, and the cooling speed is fast.

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