Box Type Quenching Furnace

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Box-type quenching furnace is a national standard energy-saving box-type quenching furnace. It is mainly used for alloy steel products, various die quenching or annealing, normalizing and other heat treatment.
Structure of box quenching furnace:
        The box type quenching furnace shell is welded and manufactured by national standard steel plate and section steel. The furnace lining is made of ultra-lightweight energy-saving refractory bricks, sandwiched with aluminum silicate fiber cotton for insulation, and between the furnace shell and the furnace lining aluminum silicate sandwich is filled with expanded thermal insulation powder. The electric heating element of the quenching furnace is wound with high-alloy products 0Cr27Al7Mo2 and is placed on the two walls of the hearth and the wire bricks on the bottom of the furnace. The furnace door is raised and lowered by electric or hand-cranked sprocket. When the furnace door is opened, there is a disconnection protection device to stop the power supply and heating. The thermocouple temperature measuring hole is set on the furnace top, and the microcomputer temperature control system is used to control the quenching process and over-temperature protection with high precision, so as to realize the full-automatic process execution of the box quenching furnace.
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