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Bright annealing furnace series heat treatment furnaces developed by the company using multiple technologies can choose different bright annealing furnaces according to the different specifications of the user's plant and workshop. Trolley type bright annealing furnace does not require foundation digging and can be used by placing it on the ground for cement sealing. It is the easiest installation of bright annealing furnace series. The vacuum tank has an independent power mechanism on the trolley, and the operator can control it with one button. The trolley is automatically fed out of the furnace, easy to use and simple to install, suitable for workshops with ample operating space. The shape of the well type bright annealing furnace is well type circular, heat preservation of composite fiber lining, energy saving and power saving, installation and configuration with protective atmosphere interface and vacuum pressure gauge. It can anneal metal, alloy, copper and stainless steel workpieces in a protective atmosphere or vacuum to achieve an annealing process without oxidation and keeping the surface bright.
Bright annealing furnace features:
1. The entire annealing process of the material is placed in a protective atmosphere. The surface of the annealed workpiece is bright and free of oxidation, and the surface of the steel is not decarburized.
2. Due to the strong convection circulation of the protective gas in the furnace, the furnace temperature is uniform, so that the temperature difference between the materials in the furnace is within ± 5 ℃; it can effectively ensure that the annealing material is soft and hard at any position, which is convenient for deep processing of the material.
3. Adopting double furnace base heating and cooling quasi-continuous operation mode, the furnace structure is scientific and reasonable, the energy saving effect is obvious, and the energy consumption per ton of steel is low; the maximum capacity of a single furnace is 30 tons, and the production efficiency is high.
4. The surface of the material treated by this type of furnace is bright, which eliminates the pickling process, cleans the working environment, and eliminates acid pollution.
5. The whole set of equipment is controlled by microcomputer, with high degree of automation, which can effectively guarantee product quality and safe operation of equipment.
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