Buried Pit Tempering Furnace

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Vertical Pit Tempering Furnace is a periodic operation type of electric furnace, for general metal parts in the air tempering and aluminum alloy die casting, piston, aluminum plate and other light alloy parts quenching, annealing, aging heat treatment.

vertical pit tempering furnace lining: adopt the whole fiber structure, selecting the current domestic new standard ceramic fiber blanket as furnace heat insulation material, the fiber carpet is a kind of man-made inorganic metal fibre material, use special equipment according to the size of a stove or furnace built into a folded piece of this kind of furnace lining has easy installation, short construction time. More than 40% energy saving than brick furnace lining. Practice has proved that this new type of lightweight refractory fiber material has many advantages in the use of industrial furnace: light weight, heat storage, small heat loss, good energy saving effect, long service life, good furnace sealing performance, easy maintenance and other advantages, deeply loved by users, is the user's first choice product. The resistance wire is coiled with 0Cr25Al5 high-resistance alloy wire and installed on the shelf brick in the furnace. The furnace is equipped with stainless steel charging basket and guardrail. The furnace cover adopts manual lifting rod or electro-hydraulic lifting. A hot air circulation fan made of heat-resistant stainless steel shaft and air blade is installed on the furnace cover, so that the air in the furnace circulates up and down during the heating process of the workpiece to ensure that the workpiece is heated evenly。
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