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Continuous annealing furnace, which consists of preheating furnace, heating furnace, soaking furnace and so on. It is characterized in that the annealing furnace is divided into two sections, a wet protective atmosphere is introduced into the front section for decarburization annealing, a dry protective atmosphere is introduced into the rear section to improve the magnetic annealing, and the front and rear sections are separated by isolation devices. The continuous annealing furnace integrates two annealing functions, which can simplify the production process, improve production efficiency and yield, and can also save a lot of electricity, gas and hydrogen, which has obvious economic benefits.
Features of continuous annealing furnace:
1. It consists of furnace shell bracket, full aluminum silicate fiber furnace lining, furnace door with adjustable opening and closing degree, etc. The furnace shell is a combined structure of upper and lower halves, which is welded by section steel and steel plates. The lower half of the furnace body is provided with a welded support for section steel. The upper half of the furnace body is a removable movable module structure, which is convenient for installation and maintenance. The inlet and outlet ports are provided with adjustable furnace doors.
2, heating system: Gangheng ceramic tube wound resistance wire Ocr25, distributed on the upper and lower parts of the furnace. Make the temperature in the furnace uniform.
3. Electrical and temperature control system: centralized control of the entire control cabinet, electrical automatic control, temperature control: SCR + PID automatic control, Xiamen Yutian intelligent temperature control instrument to control the temperature in the furnace, can be divided into five sections of control , Make the furnace temperature stability and uniformity greatly improved.
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