Continuous Hot Air Tempering Furnace

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Continuous hot air tempering furnace

    Continuous hot air tempering furnace is suitable for continuous tempering of batch workpieces such as springs, spring pads, chains, standard parts, vehicle parts, weapon parts, bearings, piston rings, metal devices, hardware products and carburized hardened parts. The maximum processing temperature is 650 degrees Celsius.

Features of continuous hot air tempering furnace:
1. The radiator (heating source) adopts an up-and-down design. The heating temperature is uniform, the service life is long, and the failure rate is low.
2. The furnace is equipped with agitating fans and blowers to keep the temperature in the furnace uniform and the hardness of the processed materials even.

    The structure of the continuous hot air tempering furnace is improved. It includes a furnace tool conveyed by a conveyor belt, and is equipped with accessories such as stirring fans and blowers in the furnace. Baking mechanism, which is composed of a cover body followed by a cylindrical tunnel body, wherein the cover body is ladder-shaped and the interior is hollow to form a baking chamber, and aluminum foil fences are provided on both sides. The shape of the chimney is provided with an accommodating chamber at the bottom, a gas stove in the accommodating chamber, and a venting chamber of a pipe in the barrel part, and the pipe is extended at the top to the furnace to form a heat source Backflow, according to this, can completely evaporate the oil stains and surface moisture attached to the product, and meet environmental protection requirements, simple structure, convenient assembly, and easy operation.

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