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Crucible melting furnace is an energy-saving cycle operation melting furnace. It is mainly used for melting or melting low-melting non-ferrous metals and alloys such as aluminum, zinc, lead, tin and cadmium. Aluminum liquid insulation, degassing, refining.

        Crucible melting furnace structure, the furnace shell is made of steel plate and section steel welded. The furnace lining is made of ultra-lightweight micro-ball energy-saving refractory bricks. Aluminum silicate fiber cotton is sandwiched between the furnace village and the furnace shell, and the gap between the furnace shell and the silicate fiber blanket is filled with expanded thermal insulation powder. The heating element adopts 0Cr25Al5 high-resistance alloy wire to be wound in a spiral shape, and is installed on a wire brick around the furnace. The furnace top is equipped with two rotatable semi-circular furnace covers. Thermocouples are inserted into the furnace from the side, and the crucible melting furnace automatically controls the melting temperature through a fully automatic temperature control cabinet.

Crucible Melting Furnace

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