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The vacuum quenching furnace is an energy-saving vacuum furnace for periodic operation. It is mainly used for non-oxidative heating and quenching heat treatment of precision parts, auto parts, and precision components of arms and aerospace, or vacuum annealing or heating without oxidation. The vacuum quenching furnace has a round well shape, composite fiber insulation or full fiber furnace lining, highly energy-saving and energy-saving, high-quality high-temperature resistant stainless steel plate vacuum tank. The vacuum quenching furnace is divided into multi-zone temperature control, and multiple microcomputers independently and automatically control the temperature, which can achieve high-precision temperature control. Industrial automation performs the quenching heat treatment process curve record, and the temperature control accuracy is 1 ° C.

       Vacuum quenching furnace is suitable for solution treatment and aging treatment of large and medium vacuum product parts. Vacuum high pressure gas quenching furnace is a very advanced vacuum heat treatment equipment. Its outstanding performance and unique design provide a wide range of vacuum bright gas suitable for high precision parts such as high speed steel, mold steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, titanium alloy and other alloy materials. Quenching, annealing, sintering and rapid cooling of magnetic materials. The vacuum quenching furnace is composed of a heating furnace cover and a mobile chassis. A square (or round) furnace hood is equipped with a crane, and the basket can be hoisted to the furnace through a chain and a hook. The furnace cover is supported by section steel, and the bottom has a pneumatic (or electric) operated furnace door. The bottom frame located under the furnace hood can be moved and positioned along the track, and the bottom frame carries a quenching water tank and a basket. During production, move the basket on the bottom frame directly under the furnace cover, open the furnace door, lower the chain and hook to hang the basket into the furnace, close the furnace door and heat. To quench the ground, first move the water tank on the bottom frame directly under the furnace cover, then open the furnace door, lower the chain, and quench the basket (workpiece) into the water.

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