Deep Well Nitriding Furnace

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Deep Well Nitriding Furnace

      The deep-well nitriding furnace is suitable for nitriding the surface of various shafts, worms and other various parts below 2600m in length. It can nitridize gears, shafts and sleeves below φ750. Quality assurance.
Features of Deep Well Nitriding Furnace:
1. The electric furnace is equipped with a hot air circulation device, which can make the atmosphere and temperature in the furnace uniform;
2. Due to the atmosphere protection, the work has no deformation, no oxidation, and saves raw materials;
3. The lifting and lowering of the furnace tank cover adopts electric hydraulic device, and the lifting and lowering of the furnace tank cover is stable and free of vibration.
4. The furnace tank, charging basket, fan, etc. are made of heat-resistant alloy steel, which has a long service life;
5. The electric furnace is equipped with a rapid cooling device, which can be quickly cooled as required;
6. The electric furnace is equipped with a chain protection device to prevent malfunctions and accidents due to misoperation;
7, no pollution, good environmental protection benefits.

Brief Introduction of Deep Well Nitriding Furnace Structure

The deep-well nitriding furnace is an energy-saving gas nitriding furnace. It uses energy-saving furnace lining double water-cooled furnace lids, vacuum rubber seals, and two-zone heating or multi-zone temperature control. Make the electric furnace heat preservation, furnace temperature uniformity, tightness and nitriding speed all greatly improved. The furnace type is consistent with international standards. It is a newly developed energy-saving gas nitriding furnace.

Deep Well Nitriding Furnace

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