Electric Industrial Furnace Heat Treatment for Hardening

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Features: martensite structure is obtained after quench oil in common medium and high carbon steel parts, which is transformed into sostenite structure after tempering, and stress adjustment hardness is eliminated. However, this process is often caused by material defects or insufficient temper brittleness, resulting in brittle fracture of the workpiece. Similarly, bainite structure is obtained by isothermal quenching with nitrite after heating parts, and bainite structure has excellent mechanical toughness when the product is very hard (HRC 50-55 °), and can make up for brittleness caused by material defects. In addition, after isothermal quenching, the deformation coefficient of the workpiece is small, the thermal stress and microstructure stress of the parts are reduced, and the performance is superior.

Aluminium Alloy Hardening Furnace

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