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The enamel sintering furnace is an energy-saving continuous operation sintering electric furnace, which is mainly used for sintering in the enamel industry, enamel decorative boards, bathtubs, gas stove panels and other large enamel products. It adopts all-fiber ultra-energy-saving composite furnace lining, and the temperature is controlled by microcomputer program with high precision and high average temperature in nine districts. The opening size of the double furnace door can be adjusted automatically. Energy saving effect, furnace temperature uniformity and production efficiency are completely consistent with imported similar equipment.
       The shell of enamel sintering furnace is welded by steel plate and section steel. The furnace body is made of rectangular shape by tight welding of steel plate. Light suspension conveyor line can be installed above the furnace top. There are two opposite doors on each end of the sintering furnace. The door can be opened to the maximum, and the opening width can be adjusted according to the width of the workpiece. The furnace lining material uses 0.6g / cm3 high-strength ultra-lightweight energy-saving micro-bead refractory bricks. The furnace lining is interposed with the inner shell of ultra-long aluminum silicate fiber. Blanket insulation, furnace roof and furnace door are all made of aluminum silicate fiber profile refractory insulation layer.

       The lining of the enamel sintering furnace is made of full fiber and is an ultra-energy-saving sintering furnace. The temperature is controlled by 9 microcomputer automatic temperature control cabinets in 9 zones, which greatly improves the uniformity of the temperature of the electric furnace. Temperature control accuracy ± 1 ℃. Each temperature control cabinet is equipped with 6 sets of thyristors as non-contact actuators. Three voltmeters display the voltage of each phase, three ammeters display the current of the resistance wire of each phase, and various overvoltage and overcurrent protections are installed. And cooling system, when any resistance wire fails, the instrument and lamp housing are directly displayed. Each electrical cabinet is equipped with an over-temperature alarm function, and is equipped with an XWGJ mid-park electronic potentiometer to automatically record the process temperature.

Enamel Sintering Furnace

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