Flange Ring Forging Furnace Equipment Structure

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Flange ring forging furnace equipment structure:
       The heating element adopts OCr27Al7MO2 high-temperature alloy resistance band, which is specially processed and formed, and is fixed with heat-resistant ceramic screws, which guarantees absolute insulation and fast heat dissipation of the heating element, thereby ensuring that its service life is 2-3 times longer than that of general manufacturers, and it is eliminated Its open circuit phenomenon in operation.
       The furnace lining is made of new 1360 high-aluminum-type aluminum silicate fiber module. It is made of high-pressure blocks and has a seamless hearth. The bulk density reaches 285Kg / m3. The conductivity coefficient is below 0.18 (at 1000 ℃). The heat storage coefficient is 1/30 of the refractory brick. It can save energy consumption by 25-30% compared with general manufacturers' stoves of the same specifications, and save energy by about 45-50% compared with refractory bricks of the same specifications.
       The temperature control system adopts a multi-zone PID intelligent temperature control method, and the thyristor three-phase zero-crossing touch method can automatically and intelligently adjust the output power percentage, so that the temperature is completely in accordance with the requirements of the process programming instructions. Temperature control accuracy ≦ ± 1 ℃, the uniformity of the effective space temperature in the furnace reaches ± 3 ℃, which effectively ensures that the workpiece is not overburned, does not melt oxygen, and is capable of ensuring that the qualified rate of heat treatment of the workpiece reaches 100%. All actions are automatically operated, and all electrical interlocking , To eliminate hidden dangers, the price is about 20% lower than other domestic manufacturers.

       Users provide effective space size and practical temperature and process parameters before ordering.

Flange Ring Forging Furnace

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