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Gas carburizing furnace is a periodic operation type electric furnace, mainly for gas carburizing of carbon steel parts. Used in conjunction with the electric furnace control cabinet to automatically control and automatically record the temperature of the electric furnace

Ranben electric furnace structure is mainly composed of furnace body, heating element and temperature control system.
    The furnace shell is welded by profile steel and steel plates, and the interior is built with ultra-lightweight high-alumina foam bricks. The insulation layer is made of aluminum silicate refractory fiber and diatomite (or vermiculite powder) bulk material to improve the furnace body. Thermal insulation performance.
The heating element is placed on the wire brick, and a small wire hook is used to position it.
    The lifting and lowering of the furnace cover is completed by a hydraulic lifting mechanism, and its power is provided by a 10/25 hydraulic device.
When the furnace cover needs to be lifted, as long as the hydraulic device is activated, the furnace cover is slowly raised; if the furnace cover is lowered, as long as the internal thread stop valve in the hydraulic device is loosened, the furnace cover is slowly lowered. At the lifting shaft, there are two limit switches. When the lifting shaft rises, the lower limit switch automatically cuts off the power of the electric fan to avoid danger to the operation. When the furnace cover is raised, the upper limit automatically cuts off the power of the hydraulic device. To prevent accidents when the lifting shaft ejects the cylinder.
    A water-cooled sample tube, air intake hole and exhaust hole are provided above the furnace cover. If it is combined with the infrared CO2 analyzer and modified, the carbon potential can be automatically controlled.
A heat-resistant plate is welded into the furnace to form the furnace tank and the basket, and the workpiece to be processed is placed in the basket.
In order to make the workpiece to be uniformly contacted with the carburizing gas, a ventilator is installed on the furnace shell to force the air circulation to make the temperature and gas in the furnace uniform. There is a sealing device on the fan shaft sleeve to prevent air leakage, and it is cooled by cooling water.
The liquid drip system of this electric furnace is equipped with a dropper that can simultaneously drip three liquids, and its flow rate can be controlled by a flow meter and a needle valve.
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