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Gas crucible aluminum alloy melting furnace uses natural gas as fuel and uses 9CrSi2 heat-resistant alloy cast steel crucible. It can be used for melting aluminum or melting aluminum alloy, used for casting aluminum or used with die-casting machine. At the same time, the world's most advanced imported burner is used to achieve efficient combustion, higher aluminum melting efficiency and larger output.
        The gas crucible aluminum alloy melting furnace is a new type of high-efficiency energy-saving aluminum melting furnace developed based on the aluminum melting process. It is mainly used for melting and maintaining aluminum ingots, and it can well meet the aluminum melting process.

        The gas crucible aluminum alloy melting furnace is composed of a melting furnace, a crucible, a heating element, a furnace lid lifting mechanism, and an automatic temperature control system for electrical appliances. The furnace shell is welded into a cylindrical shape by section steel and steel plate. In the lower part of the front end of the furnace body, there is a hole for the crucible to form leaks due to cracks due to corrosion and oxidation. The melt in the crucible can flow out of the furnace through this hole, so that the hearth of the working room is not damaged.

Gas Crucible Aluminum Alloy Melting Furnace

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