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Gas nitriding furnace
Use of gas nitriding furnace:
    RN series gas nitriding furnace is a standard energy-saving cycle operation furnace. Mainly used for various steel mechanical parts, automotive crankshafts, automotive piston rings, motorcycle brake pads, molds and other gas nitriding heat treatment.

Gas nitriding furnace temperature: 650 ° C.

Characteristics of gas nitriding furnace:
    2.1 The electric furnace is equipped with a hot air circulation device, which can make the atmosphere and temperature in the furnace uniform;
    2.2 Due to the protection of the atmosphere, the work is free of deformation and oxidation, saving raw materials;
    2.3 The lifting and lowering of the furnace tank cover adopts electric hydraulic device, and the lifting and lowering of the furnace tank cover is stable and free of vibration
    2.4 Furnace tanks, charging baskets, fans, etc. are made of heat-resistant alloy steel and have a long service life;
    2.5 The electric furnace is equipped with a rapid cooling device, which can be quickly cooled as required;
    2.6 The electric furnace is equipped with a chain protection device to prevent malfunctions and accidents due to misoperation;
    2.7 No pollution, good environmental protection benefits.

Brief introduction of the structure of gas nitriding furnace:

  Gas nitriding electric furnace adopts energy-saving furnace lining double water-cooled furnace lid, vacuum rubber seal, and temperature control in two or more zones. It has greatly improved the insulation performance, uniformity, sealing and nitriding speed of the nitriding furnace, and the furnace type is consistent with international standards. The shell of the gas nitriding furnace is welded by steel plate and section steel. The furnace lining is made of ultra-lightweight, high-strength 0.6g / cm3 energy-saving refractory micro-bead bricks. The outer layer of the furnace lining is sandwiched with aluminum silicate fibers and filled with expanded thermal insulation powder . The heating element is wound by a high-temperature resistance wire in a spiral shape, and is installed on a shelf brick of the furnace lining. A stainless steel vacuum tank is installed in the furnace. A double-head stainless steel dripping device is installed on the furnace cover for dripping methanol, so that the temperature and atmosphere in the nitriding furnace are uniform. The furnace cover is equipped with a sampling pipe, an exhaust pipe, and an input pipe at the upper part of the side wall of the furnace tank for ammonia gas input. The furnace tank and the furnace cover are sealed with water-cooled vacuum rubber and equipped with a compression screw. The exhaust gas in the nitriding furnace is discharged out of the furnace through an exhaust pipe.

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