Gas Type Normalizing Furnace

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Gas type normalizing furnace is a periodic operation furnace, mainly used for heat treatment and heating of normalizing, annealing, and quenching of large alloy steel, austenitic stainless steel or other steel parts, and water toughness treatment of high manganese steel.
Characteristics of gas-fired normal furnace:
1. The heating elements are evenly distributed in the furnace, and the distribution is reasonable;
2. The entry and exit of the trolley and the opening and closing of the furnace door are realized by the motor through worm gear, worm and chain transmission;
3. The electric door is used between the furnace door, the trolley and the heater, which is safe and stable;
4. Furnace temperature control adopts PID automatic power adjustment and smooth temperature control.

       The shell of gas-fired normal furnace is welded by steel plate and section steel. The bottom of the furnace body is connected with the trolley light rail as a whole. The user does not need foundation installation and can only use it on a flat concrete floor. The furnace lining adopts a full-fiber structure, which saves about 60% of energy compared to a brick-type furnace. It uses high-quality long-fiber thorn blankets as raw materials, and uses special equipment to make modules, and leaves a certain amount of compression during processing to ensure that the modules are built after the completion Each ceramic fiber block expands in different directions, so that the modules are extruded into a gap-free whole to achieve a good heat storage effect. The product is easy and fast to construct and can be directly fixed to the stainless steel anchor round nails of the steel plate of the furnace shell. . Compared with other products, it has the advantages of low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity, excellent corrosion performance, excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance, thermal insulation, and the anchor is set on the cold surface of the furnace body, which improves the high temperature strength of the fiber. The heating element is made of high-temperature resistance alloy wire wound into a strip shape and a spiral shape, and is hung on the furnace side, the furnace door, the back wall and the trolley wire brick.

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