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Gas annealing furnace is mainly used for various large-scale metal or alloy workpieces and large-scale annealing heat treatment. It uses natural gas or gas as a medium for combustion and heating, with advanced control and high accuracy. The combustion and control system consists of the front air supply piping system, the front compressed air piping system, the front gas piping system, a sub-high-speed burner, the furnace ignition control system and the temperature control system. Different temperature controllers control different burners to realize automatic control of large and small fires and the temperature of annealed. Equipped with a multi-channel color paperless recorder, which can directly communicate with the upper computer to monitor the temperature of each point in the gas annealing furnace in real time.
Structural characteristics of gas annealing furnace:
1. The gas trolley furnace uses the gas medium as the heat source and is heated by the combustion of the gas burner. The maximum temperature is 1200 ° C.
2.The furnace body of the gas trolley furnace is welded by steel structure, and the shell sealing plate is steel plate.
3. The bogie frame is welded from various large I-beams, channel steels, angle steels and thick steel plates.
4. The trolley driving structure is compact, firm in assembly, flexible in and out, easy to operate and convenient to maintain.
5. Furnace door adopts high-aluminum fiber refractory silk blanket, electric hoist lifting, furnace door sealing and locking mechanism.
6. The chimney is equipped with an automatic furnace pressure control valve, which can adjust the cooling rate.
8. High-speed burner is used for heating, evenly distributed on both sides; combustion is controlled by solenoid valve and proportion.
9. The control system mainly adjusts and controls the gas pipeline flow, flue gas flow, and dilution air volume of each furnace through the detection of the temperature and pressure of the natural gas trolley furnace, and is equipped with a rapid gas main cut-off device. It adopts zoned furnace temperature control. Each zone is equipped with a thermocouple. The temperature is measured and entered into a multi-point recorder.

10. Natural gas trolley furnaces are currently divided into pulse type and regenerative type.

Natural Gas Furnace

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