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Vacuum annealing furnace is an energy-saving high-precision vacuum furnace developed by our company's patented technology. It is mainly used for bright non-oxidizing annealing heat treatment of precision parts, and bright non-oxidizing vacuum annealing or heating for auto parts, munitions and aerospace precision machinery or forgings. It can also be used for bright non-oxidizing annealing of copper in non-ferrous metal industry.
        The vacuum annealing furnace generally adopts the shape of a well-type furnace shell, and is made of section steel and steel plate assembly welding. The furnace lining is made of structural brick-mixed fiber composite furnace lining or all-fiber insulation structure according to different technical requirements, which is highly energy-saving and energy-saving. The furnace tank is made of high-temperature-resistant stainless steel plate by automatic tight welding. The vacuum annealing furnace panel is equipped with a vacuum extraction interface, a protective atmosphere interface, and a vacuum pressure gauge. In order to meet the high-precision heat treatment requirements of military industry and aerospace, the vacuum annealing furnace is divided into multi-zone temperature control, multiple microcomputers independently and automatically control the temperature, automatically display the measured furnace temperature, calculate the temperature slope temperature and set value, overtemperature alarm and Process curve record, temperature control accuracy is 1 ℃. Panel 1600c
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