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Vacuum sintering furnace is an energy-saving vacuum furnace, mainly used in aerospace, aviation and aircraft manufacturing industry, automobile manufacturing industry, petroleum machinery industry, precision machinery manufacturing, vacuum sintering of metal or non-metallic materials and parts, can also be used for precision machinery Or bright non-oxidation and non-decarburization heat treatment and spheroidizing annealing of forgings.
Furnace structure of vacuum sintering furnace:
       The vacuum sintering furnace is mainly made of steel plate coils, and the furnace body structure is made of section steel group welding. Furnace lining uses typical energy-saving composite fiber, which saves 30% -60% of electricity. The electric heating element adopts the international standard new type high temperature resistance element. The vacuum sintering furnace adopts a rotary vane mechanical vacuum pump and an oil diffusion pump to continuously evacuate, or to protect it by nitrogen filling, and is used for non-oxidative heating such as vacuum sintering, bright annealing, tempering and quenching.
Vacuum tank:
       The vacuum tank is made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel plate, and it is protected by automatic tight welding. It is pressed by our factory's large X-ray flaw detection chamber. The furnace cover adopts stainless steel inner insulation furnace cover, the furnace cover panel and the tank body are sealed with dark double water-cooled vacuum rubber. The furnace panel is equipped with a vacuum connection interface, a protective atmosphere interface, and a vacuum pressure gauge. The furnace lid and the furnace tank can be lifted out of the entire vacuum tank by the workshop, and the two real tanks can be alternately and continuously operated to improve production efficiency.
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