High Temperature Vacuum Tempering Furnace

Product Description

Vacuum tempering furnace is a high precision vacuum furnace manufactured by our company's patented technology. It is mainly used for vacuum tempering heat treatment of various mechanical parts such as automobile parts, castings, tool steels.

        The structure of the vacuum tempering furnace is similar to that of the pre-vacuum furnace, and has the advantages of high energy saving, power saving, high temperature control accuracy, and low maintenance rate. When the vacuum tempering in the furnace is required, the temperature in the upper and lower left and right points of the effective working area is uniform. The vacuum tempering furnace is equipped with high-power high-pressure vacuum-sealed stainless steel fans, which can provide strong and stable air pressure in the vacuum tank and make the temperature uniform. The furnace cover is also equipped with various joints such as vacuum, protective atmosphere, vacuum pressure gauge and so on

Horizontal Vacuum nduction Furnace

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