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The hot-pressing sintering furnace includes a sintering furnace and a vacuum-extracting part. The sintering furnace includes a furnace body and a heating chamber installed in the furnace body. Six induction electrodes are installed on the sintering furnace, which are characterized by being arranged above and below the furnace body respectively. There are hydraulic press upper beam and hydraulic press lower beam, the hydraulic press upper beam and hydraulic press lower beam are connected into a whole by four pillars; the upper pressure head is composed of an upper water cooling head and an upper graphite pressure head; The graphite indenter is connected. The upper and lower indenters are respectively inserted into the furnace body through the indenter through holes on the upper and lower end faces of the furnace body and the heating chamber, and the upper and lower graphite indenters are respectively inserted into the heating chamber. , The upper and lower indenters can move up and down. The thermal radiation shielding ring is added in the heating chamber, which increases the hot pressing temperature, avoids the high temperature radiation effect of the high temperature on the insulation ring of the lead electrode, and improves the service life. In addition, the damage to the electrode insulation during high-temperature hot pressing is also reduced, and the insulation performance is improved

Hot-Pressing Sintering Furnace

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