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Ion carburizing furnace is a heat treatment furnace in a vacuum container that uses glow discharge to ionize carburizing gas, and the generated carbon ions bombard the surface of the furnace material under the action of an electric field. The ion carburizing furnace developed by our company has advanced technology, which has been widely used and praised by users.
        Ion carburizing furnace consists of electrical control system, vacuum furnace body, carburizing gas distribution system, vacuum measurement and control system, etc. The diameter and height of the furnace body can be designed according to the size of the workpiece.

        The ion carburizing process is to heat the workpiece in a vacuum, and there is bombardment of high-energy ions, which causes the surface of the workpiece to be cleaned and activated. In addition, the carburizing gas has the dual effects of thermal decomposition and ionization due to thermal decomposition. , So that the space near the surface of the workpiece will form a high carbon ion concentration region in a short time, thereby accelerating the infiltration and diffusion of carbon to the workpiece, and greatly shortening the carburizing time. For example, 880 ° C, 1h ion carburization can obtain a hardened layer with a depth of 0.6mm, which can shorten the time by about 50% compared with conventional gas carburization.

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