Large All-Fiber Trolley-Type Resistance Furnace

Product Description

Description of large all-fiber trolley-type resistance furnace

1. Application: Pre-annealing heat treatment of heavy pressure vessels;

2. Fuel: electric heating

3.Max working temperature: 950 ℃℃; temperature control accuracy: ≤ ± 3 ℃;

4. Temperature rise and fall speed: 0 ~ 150 ℃ / h (temperature increase);

5. Energy consumption and environmental protection indicators: The energy consumption reaches the national standard for special furnaces; the environmental protection reaches the national industry standard.

6.Upgrade furnace door is adopted, with a worm gear reducer, a plate chain and a balance block structure inside the door post. The furnace door is compressed by a cylinder;

7.The furnace car adopts a helical gear pin rack pulling machine.The steel frame of the furnace car is divided into upper and lower two layers and adopts a multi-wheel structure.

8.Furnace structure: light steel frame structure, composite furnace lining; composite fiber furnace lining structure;

Product features of large all-fiber trolley-type resistance furnace:

Furnace wall insulation lining adopts composite temperature-resistant material module, fully sealed furnace body with imported high-precision temperature control instrument as the core of the distributed DCS system. All relevant furnace status parameters are automatically and fuzzy controlled, with high reliability and stable operation . The whole furnace has a good sealing effect, and has the advantages of low daily operation and later maintenance costs compared with similar furnaces.

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