Magnesium Alloy Melting Furnace System

Product Description

The magnesium alloy melting furnace system is composed of a magnesium alloy melting furnace, a magnesium alloy holding furnace, a magnesium alloy washing furnace, and a section-moving mixer. Due to the combustion and explosion of magnesium alloy during the production process such as melting, heat preservation and heat treatment, general aluminum alloy melting furnaces and aluminum alloy heat treating furnaces cannot be used. Special magnesium alloy melting furnace systems must be used, composite crucibles, sealed gas protection, and solid melting furnace , Aging furnace, annealing furnace are all equipped with special low-radiation elements and gas protection, such as flame-proof and explosion-proof kinetic energy!
Features of Magnesium Alloy Melting Furnace:
       Reinforced furnace body and heat-resistant layer design, excellent high temperature performance, the temperature of the outer wall of the furnace is lower than the national industrial furnace standard.
       The imported high quality bimetal composite steel plate crucible does not pollute the magnesium solution and has a long service life.
       The Siemens programmable control system and Siemens temperature module are used to ensure the precise control of the furnace system.
       The gas flowmeter imported from the United States can precisely control the shielding gas.
       The jug and related hot work pieces and the steel imported from Germany are manufactured by optimized technology, which has good high temperature performance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and long service life. Magnesium alloy hot chamber die casting machine melting and holding furnace, perfect design, sophisticated manufacturing, hot work parts are made of imported steel, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, this series of furnaces can be used with all models of hot chamber die casting machine.
       Low energy consumption and high melting rate.
       Complete gas protection device, uniform gas mixture, stable flow, full protection, equipped with automatic switching device.
       The crucible made of bimetal composite steel plate does not pollute the magnesium solution and has a long service life.
       The heating element works stably and has a long service life.
       Multiple thermocouples control furnace and chamber temperatures.
       Automatic alarm device: over temperature alarm, liquid leakage alarm, gas shortage alarm, etc.
       The dosing pump precisely controls the pouring time and pouring speed; good repeatability; high dosing accuracy; high temperature and corrosion resistance, no deformation, stable working in molten magnesium alloy liquid; extractable material tube, easy to clean; vector servo motor drive, electric stop move.

       The transmission tube is made of special steel with good high temperature stability; high temperature and corrosion resistance, no deformation; oxidation resistance and long service life; guaranteed metal liquid purity, accurate and safe quantitative; easy maintenance, easy replacement of parts; suitable for various magnesium Alloy casting production.

Magnesium Alloy Melting Furnace System

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