Mesh Belt Hot Air Circulation Tempering Furnace

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Mesh belt hot air circulation tempering furnace

Mesh belt hot air circulation tempering furnace is suitable for tempering and heat treatment of various small industrial parts.

Equipment composition of mesh belt hot air circulation tempering furnace:
It consists of frame, furnace lining, resistance wire, air hood, strong circulation fan, conveyor belt, transmission mechanism and electrical control.
Furnace body:
    The furnace body is made of steel plate and profiled steel. There is a cover plate on the furnace roof. When the furnace needs to be repaired and cleaned, it is only necessary to loosen the connection fastener between the upper cover and the furnace body and lift it away from the furnace cover.
2. Furnace lining:
    The furnace lining is made of fiber structure and refractory bricks, and the inner layer is isolated by steel plates, which can keep the furnace chamber clean under strong convection without affecting the treatment quality.
3. Air hood:
    The shroud is fixedly installed on the upper part of the furnace, and the periphery of the electric heating rod is electrically isolated from the workpiece to avoid direct radiation from the heating body to the workpiece. The deflector is a corrugated structure and is made of steel plate. Due to the role of the fan, the furnace gas is circulated according to the diversion channel.
4.Heating element:
    The installation of the electric heating element is a horizontal plug-in type. It is inserted into the furnace through the furnace lining from one side of the furnace, and the inner end is rested on the other side of the furnace wall by a porcelain rod. The material of this electric heating rod heating element is filamentary 0Cr25Al5 high resistance alloy wire. After being wound into a ring shape, it is worn on the porcelain rod to form a whole, which is reliable to use and convenient to maintain. It can be replaced without stopping in the hot state.
5. Strong circulation fan:
    The furnace gas circulation fan is an integral type, which is inserted into the furnace from the top of the middle of the furnace. The fan impeller is located in the air guide hood. The air blade is of axial flow type, which is installed on the elongated motor shaft, and the middle is insulated by a thermal insulation sleeve. The blades are made of stainless steel.
6. Furnace door device:
    The furnace door sealing curtain is composed of two door curtains, which are used to block a large amount of outside air intrusion and excessive outflow of hot air in the furnace, reduce heat loss, and improve the effect of air circulation.
7. Conveyor belt:
    Tempering furnace conveyor belt can choose wire mesh belt or chain plate conveyor belt.
8. Mesh belt transmission mechanism:
    The front support of the mesh belt drive is composed of a crawler driven passive wheel, a crawler tensioning drum and a support frame. It is installed at the inlet end of the heating furnace, and the upper surface of this segment of the belt is used to load and stack workpieces.
9. Mesh belt bracket:
    The mesh belt bracket is installed in the furnace to support the operation of the load mesh belt.

Equipment characteristics of mesh belt hot air circulation tempering furnace:
    Mesh belt hot air circulation tempering furnace adopts high-quality heat insulation material and refractory structure masonry, which has good heat insulation performance and low power consumption.

    The temperature control adopts digital instruments imported from Japan, PID control, and high temperature control accuracy. Switching element adopts SSR (solid state relay, which is an upgraded product of thyristor, no sound, no spark during work, long service life, etc.

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