Mesh Belt Type Tempering Furnace

Product Description

Mesh belt type tempering furnace is to use continuous running mesh belt to convey the workpiece and pass the temperature controlled heating zone to make the workpiece tempered.
        Mesh belt tempering furnace has the following characteristics and advantages: the use of high-strength stainless steel wire mesh belt, long service life; mesh belt tempering furnace transmission mechanism is simple and reliable, mesh belt speed stepless adjustment; mesh belt tempering furnace using large The impeller forced circulation fan speeds up the furnace airflow, improves the heat transfer efficiency, and the temperature is uniform.
Features of Mesh Belt Tempering Furnace:
    1.The mesh belt runs smoothly, the surface is bright after heat treatment, no decarburization, uniform hardness, and small deformation;
    2. The process parameters are easy to adjust, the working environment is good, and there is no pollution;
    3. Good energy saving effect and high production efficiency;
    4. Muffle tanks and mesh belts are made of heat-resistant steel with long life;
    5. A variety of heat treatment processes can be realized;
    6. PID adjusts the furnace temperature, and the temperature control accuracy is high;

    7. Mesh belt type tempering furnace can realize program control and high degree of automation.

Mesh Belt Type Tempering Furnace

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