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The mold shell roasting furnace is a gas-pumped bottom furnace flame furnace, which adopts the characteristics of imported industrial furnace equipment. After our factory has made further improvements in performance and technology according to China's national conditions and use conditions, it has been successfully developed by dozens of users. It has been successfully used for many years. Practice has proved that the technology of this product is very mature. According to user feedback, it shows that compared with the original conventional furnace type, it shows significantly lower energy consumption, uniform temperature, environmental purification, and convenient maintenance. The furnace uses the flame to radiate heat upwards, and meets the arc top to rotate downward to the middle flue, which effectively controls the uniformity of the furnace temperature and the utilization of thermal energy. The furnace is mainly composed of furnace body (including furnace lining), door, furnace car, combustion system, smoke exhaust system, sealing, temperature control and recording. The liquefied gas combustion trolley furnace is an advanced energy-saving periodic operation furnace with ultra-energy-saving structure. The trolley adopts impact-proof sealing bricks. The furnace door adopts a hand wheel and a spring-type automatic pressing mechanism to automatically seal the trolley and furnace door. Linked rails, without foundation installation, can be used on horizontal ground. Mainly used for shell baking, high chromium, high manganese steel castings, nodular cast iron, rolls, steel balls, 45 steel, stainless steel and other quenching, annealing, aging and heat treatment of various mechanical parts.
 Features of mold baking furnace:
       1. The furnace body frame is welded by various large and medium-sized steels on site, and the shell sealing plate is a color steel plate, which is beautiful and solid overall.
       2. The furnace lining adopts mullite refractory all-fiber insulation structure, which saves about 40% of energy compared with brick furnace.
       3. The trolley frame is welded from various large I-beams, channel steels, angle steels, and thick steel plates. The transmission of the trolley adopts a combination of a motor and a worm gear reducer to drive the front drive wheel through a chain. The refractory masonry of the trolley adopts high-alumina shaped brick structure, which has good sealing effect with the furnace body and high compressive strength. The trolley and the furnace body are sealed by a soft contact method, and a labyrinth sand seal groove and a sand seal knife seal device are provided at the lower part of the trolley. <br> 3. The furnace door adopts the side opening type, which is simple and convenient, and the seal adopts the handwheel pressing mechanism.
       4. Combustion system: Dozens of small burning nozzles are installed on both sides of the furnace, and small heat fluxes of multiple burning nozzles are used to reciprocate in the furnace to ensure the furnace temperature uniformity. The burner adopts automatic ignition and instrument control.
       5. Smoke exhaust device: a smoke exhaust device is installed at the upper end of the furnace, and an adjustable valve plate is installed at the outlet, which can adjust the pressure in the furnace.

       6. The control system adopts simple and practical chain control, the digital display meter displays the temperature, and the contactor control.

Mold Shell Roasting Furnace

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