Natural Gas Continuous Centralized Melting Furnace

Product Description

Natural gas continuous centralized melting furnace use:

Applicable to the melting equipment of large-scale aluminum alloy and zinc alloy casting workshop for centralized melting and centralized liquid supply. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption and low burning loss.

     Structure: The melting chamber, the holding chamber and the detection area are completely independently designed. The flue gas in the furnace is discharged from the flue of the feeding port through the holding chamber and the melting chamber, effectively utilizing heat energy and reducing energy consumption.

     Control: solution temperature, smoke temperature, solution level, feed level, combustion process control.

     Duration: Made of non-stick aluminum material, the furnace lining can be used continuously for up to 5 years.

     Operation: PLC control as a whole, high degree of automation, stable operation and easy operation.

     Combustion: Unique bright flame burner, reduce the oxidation atmosphere in the furnace, and control the burning rate of the material to 1 ~ 1.5%

Natural gas continuous centralized melting furnace

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