Nitrogen Protected Bright Copper Annealing Furnace

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Nitrogen protected bright copper annealing furnace, mainly used in non-ferrous industries. Bright and non-oxidative annealing of copper materials such as copper tubes, copper plates, copper wires, copper rods in a protective atmosphere. The copper material is heated in the air. Because the furnace gas contains a large amount of O2, CO2, and H2O, the surface of the copper material is oxidized or even burned. Using controlled atmosphere heating can greatly reduce the oxygen content in the furnace and the oxidizing atmosphere. The non-oxidative or less-oxidative heating of the copper material is achieved, which greatly improves the surface quality of the copper material after annealing, and can also remove the pickling process, which not only saves energy but also improves production efficiency.
Brief introduction of the structure of nitrogen protected bright copper annealing furnace:
       Nitrogen protected copper bright annealing furnace structure is a well-type vacuum furnace structure. The shell is continuously sealed and welded by steel plates and profile steel. The furnace lining adopts a full-fiber furnace lining structure. Aluminum fiber saves 30%. Some specifications of bright annealing furnaces use a composite structure lining, masonry of 0.6g / cm3 ultra-lightweight energy-saving refractory materials, and aluminum silicate fibers placed behind the lining make the bright annealing furnace warm up and have good thermal insulation performance.
       The furnace liner is rolled into a circular shape using 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel plate or carbon steel plate, and is welded on both sides, and tested by X-ray non-destructive testing in the inspection room. The furnace cover adopts heat-insulating internal water-cooling type, the furnace bladder and the furnace cover are sealed by a water-cooled vacuum rubber ring, and the furnace bladder and the furnace body are sealed by a sand groove.

       The copper bright annealing furnace temperature control system is automatically controlled by the matching temperature control cabinet. 30KW single zone, 75KW and 90KW are 2 zones, 150KW is 3 zone temperature control. The furnace cover is equipped with inlet nitrogen pipe, exhaust pipe, pressure gauge, A vacuum exhaust pipe is equipped with a 2X rotary vane vacuum pump.

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