Nitrogen-Protected Well-Type Tempering Furnace

Product Description

The nitrogen-protected well-type tempering furnace is mainly made of steel plate coils, and the furnace body structure is made of profiled steel. The furnace lining uses 0.6g / mm3 ultra-light micro energy-saving refractory bricks. The high-purity ceramic fiber insulation cotton is sandwiched between the furnace lining and the furnace shell, and the gap is filled with expanded thermal insulation powder. %. The electric heating element adopts high-temperature resistance resistance wire 0Cr25A15; the special corner wire upset brick in our factory is adopted, and the service life of resistance wire can reach 5 years.
       The vacuum tank of the nitrogen well type tempering furnace is made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel plate or imported high-temperature resistant stainless steel plate, and it is made by protective automatic dense welding and tested by large-scale X-ray flaw detection chamber. The furnace cover is made of stainless steel as the inner insulation furnace cover, the furnace cover panel and the tank body are sealed with double water-cooled vacuum rubber. The nitriding tempering furnace panel is equipped with a vacuum extraction interface, a nitrogen protection atmosphere interface, and a vacuum pressure gauge.
       The furnace lid and furnace tank can be lifted out of the natural vacuum cooling tank or forced rapid cooling by the workshop crane in order to load and unload the workpiece. In order to improve production efficiency, two vacuum nitriding tanks can be ordered to operate alternately and continuously. Above 60KW nitrogen protection well type tempering furnace is divided into multi-zone temperature control and high precision design to distribute power. Using multiple microcomputer programs to control the temperature of the electrical cabinet, automatically display the measured furnace temperature and nitrogen protection status, calculate the temperature and temperature of the slope and the set value, over-temperature alarm and automatic process curve recording. Can set 8 process curves, temperature control accuracy is 1 ℃.
       Nitrogen protected well-type tempering furnace can follow the rapid furnace cooling system, which can be proposed when ordering. After the hot nitrogen in the nitrogen protection furnace is extracted to the outside of the furnace, the nitrogen is rapidly circulated and connected to heat to reduce the temperature of the nitrogen.
Uses of nitrogen-protected well-type tempering furnace:

       Nitrogen protection well-type tempering furnace is a high-energy-saving high-precision temperature-control well-type cycle operation vacuum tempering furnace. It is mainly used for non-oxidizing and tempering heat treatment processes under vacuum nitrogen protection of thin-walled seamless steel pipes, long shafts, and various metal parts. And can be used in the aerospace, aviation and aircraft manufacturing industries, as well as in the automobile manufacturing industry, precision machinery manufacturing, precision non-oxidizing nitrogen protection of precision parts or forgings for tempering. The product conforms to the military standard GJB509-98-88I type protective atmosphere vacuum furnace of the Ministry of Aviation Industry of China.

Nitrogen Well Type Tempering Furnace

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