Pit Gas Carbonitriding Furnace

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Pit gas carbonitriding furnace is composed of furnace shell, furnace lining, furnace cover lifting mechanism, vacuum sealed fan, muffle tank and heating elements. The furnace shell is round, and it is welded by steel plate and section steel. The furnace lining is an energy-saving furnace lining structure made of 0.6g / cm3 high-strength ultra-lightweight micro-ball vacuum ball energy-saving refractory bricks, aluminum silicate ultra-long fibers, expanded thermal insulation granules, etc. The vacuum-sealed fan is installed on the furnace cover, which can stir the atmosphere in the muffle tank to make the components uniform, and at the same time, the furnace temperature tends to be uniform. On the furnace cover, there are also three tubes connected directly to the carbonitriding resistance furnace muffle tank. One tube is equipped with a three-head stainless steel drip device, and the three-head drip device injects methyl alcohol and kerosene into the carbonitriding furnace Or other organic liquids, all kinds of liquids can be adjusted. The ammonia pores on the tube can be used to input ammonia gas into the carbonitriding furnace for carbonitriding (the tube mouth can be sealed when nitrogen is not penetrated). One of the tubes It is a sampling tube. There is a nozzle on the upper part of the tube which can be connected with a "U" glass tube pressure gauge to monitor the pressure in the atmosphere in the resistance furnace. The nozzle on the lower part of the exhaust pipe can be connected with a carbon dioxide infrared meter. It is used to control the furnace gas. The cap part of the tube is used to adjust the deflation and the pressure in the carbonitriding furnace. The exhaust gas discharged from this nozzle should be burned off. The flame emitted is 200 mm to 300 mm. good. The three tubes on the above furnace cover have water-cooling jackets for the rapid cooling of the gas entering the three tubes. The function of the muffle tank is to maintain the furnace pressure and ensure the normal carburizing or carbonitriding. It is made of heat-resistant Made of steel. The carbonitriding furnace is equipped with a cooling barrel to store the processed parts, and a sand-sealing tank is provided at the furnace cover. Note: Our company can design and manufacture a variety of well-type gas carbonitriding furnaces for various furnace sizes, high temperature, middle temperature and low temperature according to user requirements.

Pit Gas Carbonitriding Furnace

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