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Pit vacuum furnace is a high-precision vacuum furnace manufactured by our company's patented technology. It is mainly used for vacuum heating, tempering, bright annealing, and quenching heat treatment of various mechanical parts and metal workpieces. The pit-type vacuum furnace type adopts the shape structure of the pit-type furnace, and has various advantages such as a small pit-type furnace covering a small area, easy operation, low failure rate, and excellent thermal insulation performance. The high temperature resistant stainless steel vacuum tank vacuum furnace in the furnace is equipped with a 2X-type rotary vane vacuum pump after large-scale X-ray flaw detection and test. It adopts a pre-evacuation method and cooperates with a protective atmosphere inlet and exhaust interface to achieve bright annealing and vacuum tempering , Vacuum non-oxidative heating and other heat treatment applications, the working temperature range of the well type vacuum furnace can reach 450-1100 ℃ various vacuum heat treatment according to different designs.
Well type vacuum furnace structure:
       It is composed of furnace body steel structure assembly, furnace lining, heat insulation layer, heating element, stainless steel vacuum tank, internal heat preservation furnace cover, microcomputer program automatic temperature control system and so on. The shell is mainly made of steel plate coils, and the furnace body structure is made of section steel group welding. The furnace lining is made of ultra-light micro energy-saving refractory bricks. The high-purity ceramic fiber insulation cotton is sandwiched between the furnace lining and the furnace shell, which belongs to an ultra-energy-saving furnace lining. The heating element adopts high temperature resistant resistance wire or resistance tape. The furnace cover is made of stainless steel and sealed with double water-cooled vacuum rubber. The vacuum tank is made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel plate, and it is made by protection automatic close welding. When in use, two vacuum tanks can be used alternately and continuously to improve production efficiency.

       The pit vacuum furnace is divided into multi-zone temperature control from the up and down direction, and the power is distributed with high precision design. Using multiple microcomputer programs to control the temperature of the electric cabinet, automatically display the measured furnace temperature, calculate the temperature rise slope temperature and set value, over-temperature alarm and automatic process curve recording. Can set 8 process curves, temperature control accuracy is 1 ℃.

Pit Vacuum Furnace

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