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Powder sintering furnace is mainly used for sintering of powder metallurgy products. It is widely used in military industry, automobiles, machinery, home appliances, power tools, magnetic materials, etc.
Features of powder sintering furnace:
1. The whole set of equipment consists of furnace body, mesh belt drive system temperature control system and atmosphere control system.
2. The furnace body consists of a feed section, a pre-calcination section, a sintering section, a slow cooling section, a water cooling section and a discharge section.
3. The mesh belt transmission system is composed of high temperature resistant mesh belt and transmission device.
4. The running speed of the mesh belt is adjusted by the inverter, and it is equipped with a digital display type mesh belt speed measuring device, which can directly read the mesh belt speed.
5.The temperature control system is composed of thermocouple, digital intelligent PID regulator and thyristor to form a closed-loop control system, which can realize automatic and accurate temperature control.
6. The flow rate of the protective atmosphere is displayed by the gas flow meter, and the flow rates of various atmospheres can be adjusted according to the needs of the process.
7. The cooling water temperature is controlled automatically by the temperature control element to control the opening and closing of the solenoid valve.

Power supply: 380V 50Hz Working temperature: room temperature + 10--250 ° C, any temperature can be set Housing material: hot-rolled steel plate, surface paint
Liner system material: high temperature resistant stainless steel plate, silicon carbide combined with silicon nitride muffler heater: stainless steel tube spiral wire electric heater, silicon carbon rod
Heater position: heating up and down two layers Insulation material: 1260 aluminum silicate cotton carbon
Temperature control: PID temperature controller, LED digital display, key setting, automatic constant temperature Temperature sensing element: S type high temperature thermocouple
Safety protection: short circuit, overload protection, motor thermal overload, phase loss protection, nitrogen gas in the furnace, ammonia decomposition and other gas protection, imported stainless steel wire mesh belt, variable frequency speed control for transmission system
Powder Sintering Furnace

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