Pre-Evacuated Vacuum Nitriding Furnace

Product Description

Pre-evacuated vacuum nitriding furnace

     The pre-vacuum nitriding furnace is a periodic operation furnace, which can be used for nitriding, oxygen nitriding, low temperature austenitic nitrocarburizing, and steam oxidation treatment on molds, tools or mechanical parts (including cast iron parts).
Features: The furnace is characterized in that during the execution of the vacuum nitriding process, the nitrogen potential in the furnace changes in a pulsating manner. Under vacuum conditions, the way of filling the nitriding workpiece can be tightly packed, which can efficiently use the space of the furnace tank, which significantly increases each furnace. The installed capacity of the furnace, the exhaust gas pumped out by the vacuum pump is discharged after the treatment of circulating water, it has no pollution to the atmosphere, and meets the environmental protection green heat treatment category of the green package. It is one of the advanced equipment at home and abroad.

     The device has complete and reliable electrical automatic control, safety interlocking and alarm functions.

Pre-Vacuum Gas Nitriding Furnace

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