Pulse Vacuum Nitriding Furnace

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Pulse Vacuum Nitriding Furnace

    The nitriding process of the pulse vacuum nitriding furnace is performed under a low vacuum state, and the pressure is changed automatically, so that the atmosphere in each corner of the furnace can be kept fresh and active. The furnace has good sealing performance. The residual ammonia gas is pumped to the sealed water tank for treatment and then discharged. The residual ammonia gas and FeSO4 in the water tank are eliminated and discharged without causing pollution to the atmosphere.

The advantages of this furnace type are summarized as follows (with aluminum mold H13)

First, fast penetration

Holding time: 8-10 hours, depth of infiltration layer: 0.14 ~ 0.18mm, white bright layer: 0.006 ~ 0.01mm

Second, the surface hardness is high

Surface hardness can reach HV1000 ~ 1200

Large furnace loading and low processing cost

Adopting low vacuum pressure transformation technology, the process of nitriding (nitriding) is completed in a low vacuum and pressure environment. The fresh atmosphere can penetrate into any corner of the furnace, so the workpiece can be tightly packed, which greatly increases the furnace loading At the same time, the furnace has good sealing performance and good thermal insulation performance, which significantly reduces the processing cost. The average cost of processing aluminum molds is 0.4 yuan / kg (including labor costs).

Fourth, low brittleness

The periodic change of the furnace pressure causes the nitrogen potential in the furnace atmosphere to change periodically. While accelerating the penetration rate, it can suppress the appearance of the brittle phase (Fe2N), and help reduce brittleness, effectively avoiding the working process The appearance of peeling (peeling).

Five, the surface friction coefficient is small

Since the working surface nitride nitride layer is extremely dense, the surface friction coefficient is small.

Six, simple operation

When the furnace is in service, the pressure in the furnace changes cyclically, and the nitrogen potential also changes cyclically. This makes the one-stage nitriding have the advantages of two-stage and three-stage nitriding. Can operate 4 to 5 furnaces.

Seven, process stability

The atmosphere in the oven is uniform and controllable, and the furnace temperature is uniform, thereby ensuring the stability of the process and improving and ensuring the quality of nitriding at work.

Eight, wide adaptability, uniform permeability

If the working surface of the pulse vacuum nitriding furnace is in a very narrow slit, for the traditional positive pressure nitriding furnace, this is not conducive to the replacement and diffusion of the fresh atmosphere, and the nitriding effect of the working surface is not ideal. And our company's MLV-type nitriding furnace is developed for this problem. The low-vacuum pressure-transformation technology enables the furnace gas to automatically spread to all parts of the tank, no dead angles, and the working surface at the die slit can also obtain the required infiltration layer.

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