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Roll annealing furnace is a periodic operation furnace. It is mainly used for heat treatment of rolls made of high nickel, chromium, high speed steel and other materials. It can be used for heat treatment of large workpieces such as large steel mills, wind power flanges, etc.
Roll annealing furnace features:
1. The large-scale roll annealing furnace uses high-quality high-temperature resistant fibers and energy-saving refractory bricks to form high-quality energy-saving furnace linings, which are stable, reliable and durable.
2. Trolley anti-collision sealing brick, automatic sealing of the trolley and furnace door, integrated rails, without foundation installation, can be used on horizontal ground.
3. The computer program is used to control the temperature of the cabinet, which can automatically achieve functions such as heating, heat preservation, and power failure according to the process requirements. The recording instrument has functions such as recording, over-temperature alarm, and broken alarm.
Structure of roll annealing furnace:
1. The microcomputer temperature control system of large-scale roll annealing furnace can be equipped with high, middle and low grade domestic, joint venture or imported temperature controllers, with or without paper recorders, online communication ports, and host computer distributed control.
2. Furnace lining structure can also choose full fiber structure or composite structure.
3. The heating method of large-scale roll annealing furnace can choose resistance, gas or oil heating.

4. Large furnace annealing furnace can choose furnace exhaust system: it consists of air duct and induced draft fan with variable frequency motor. When the temperature of the workpiece in the furnace is naturally too slow according to the process requirements, the induced draft fan can be turned on to exhaust the hot air in the furnace to accelerate the cooling rate.

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