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The rotary roasting furnace is composed of a furnace barrel, a heating furnace, a transmission system, a supporting device, a furnace head feeding device, a furnace tail discharging device, and an inlet and outlet sealing.

        During the normal operation of the rotary roasting furnace, the transmission system drives the furnace shaft to rotate at a certain speed. The materials are driven by the furnace head feeding device, the furnace tube, and the furnace tail discharging device in turn under the combined action of the rotation of the furnace tube and gravity. The heating furnace heats the material indirectly through the heating furnace tube. The main difference between a rotary roaster and a traditional tender oil (or gas) roaster is the heating chamber. Oil (or gas) roasters are equipped with multiple sets of fuel (or gas) burners on the hearth, while electric heating roasting is a rotary electric heating roaster furnace structure. The heat transfer model of the electric heating roaster is 1 half of the wall of the ring furnace. ; 2-cylinder surface; 3 a plane furnace wall; 4 a heat radiation surface (cutting surface) formed by electric trapped elements. Multiple groups of resistance elements are installed at the bottom of the heat transfer model research chamber of the rotary electric heating roaster.

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