Standard Nitriding Heat Treatment Equipment

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As a standard nitriding heat treatment equipment, the well type nitriding furnace is mainly used for gas nitriding of various mechanical parts, automobile parts, molds and other metal workpieces. Well-type nitriding furnace generally adopts gas nitriding as the main nitriding method. A high-temperature resistant stainless steel vacuum tank is installed in the furnace. When using, the vacuum tank is first evacuated to a vacuum state by a vacuum pump, and then the heated workpiece is gas-nitrided. deal with.
        The shell of the well type nitriding furnace is welded by steel plate and section steel, the furnace lining is made of ultra-lightweight, high-strength energy-saving refractory bricks, and the outer layer of the furnace lining is sandwiched with high-purity ceramic fiber composite insulation. The heating element is made of long-life design high-temperature resistance wire, and a stainless steel vacuum tank is installed in the furnace. In order to improve the sealing and thermal insulation performance of the well-type nitriding furnace, a double water-cooled furnace lid is adopted, which is sealed with a vacuum rubber and equipped with a compression bolt. . A double-headed stainless steel dripper is installed on the furnace lid for dripping methanol, and the operation is simple and safe. The furnace cover is equipped with a sampling pipe, an exhaust pipe, and an input pipe at the upper part of the side wall of the furnace tank for ammonia gas input, and a special exhaust pipe is installed.
Nitriding Heat Treatment Equipment

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