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The tiltable crucible aluminum melting furnace is mainly used for the rapid melting of aluminum ingots, aluminum liquid insulation, aluminum casting, and automatic production lines with die-casting machines. GWT type adopts Cr25Ni20Si2 (310S) crucible with high temperature resistance of 1200 ℃. The furnace temperature can reach 1100 ℃ to achieve high-temperature fast melting of aluminum. Tilting furnace, a stable and efficient pouring mechanism is beneficial to the automation of the aluminum melting furnace production line, planning a more advanced aluminum melting furnace workshop, and a simpler aluminum melting operation mode. After melting the aluminum, the molten aluminum can be transferred to the molten aluminum holding furnace and die casting machine.
Features of tilting crucible aluminum melting furnace:
       1.The furnace body has good thermal insulation performance, fast melting and low production cost; less pollution and meets environmental protection requirements
       2. The resistance wire heating method is adopted. The high-temperature resistant iron-chromium-aluminum resistance wire is used for heating. The highest temperature can withstand 1400 ℃. Most of the resistance furnaces are equipped with crucibles (graphite crucibles or cast iron crucibles. Graphite crucibles are mainly used for melting aluminum and cast iron. The crucible is used to melt zinc, lead tin, magnesium, etc.). Therefore, the resistance furnace is also called a crucible type electric melting furnace.
       3. All are made of high-quality refractory materials and insulation materials to maximize the insulation effect and service life of the furnace body. This is the most direct way to reduce production costs for customers, and the power saving effect is obvious.
       4, resistance furnaces are equipped with full-featured power distribution cabinets. The distribution cabinet has the functions of over-temperature cut-out of the furnace wire and over-temperature cut-off of the aluminum liquid. The SCR module controls the operation smoothly, safely and reliably. The PID system is used to control the temperature.

       It is suitable for melting low-melting non-ferrous metals and alloys such as aluminum, zinc, lead, tin, magnesium and other alloys. The holding furnace can be used as a supporting device for various types of die-casting machines and manipulators.

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